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The Practice Makes Perfect Soccer Camp program is designed to help the beginning soccer player as well as the serious, committed player to understand and recognize the challenges and the demands of the modern game. In this camp, each soccer player is given the freedom, the guidance, and the encouragement required to meet these challenges and demands with creativity, imagination, and flair.

  •      Learn how to handle the ball, including trapping, heading, chesting, and focus on body movement, behind the ball, off the ball, breaking away, receiving
  •      Work on physical conditioning, with an emphasis on speed and strength training
  •      Practice many, many different techniques
  •      Absorb the rules of the game
  •      Play raw soccer in the mini-scrimmage format
  •      Have fun!

One thought on “About Seattle Soccer Camp

  1. My son Karsten would like to have another foot skills session with you, if you are available. He worked with you a couple of times a year and half ago. Since that time he has been playing for Seattle United and the Coach says he needs to work on foot skills.
    Thank you,
    Rick N.

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