Youth Soccer Clinics and Camps

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The Practice Makes Perfect Soccer Camp program is designed to help the beginning player as well as the serious, committed player to understand and recognize the challenges and the demands of the modern game. In this camp, each player is given the freedom, the guidance, and the encouragement required to meet these challenges and demands with creativity, imagination, and flair.

  •      Learn how to handle the ball, including trapping, heading, chesting, and focus on body movement, behind the ball, off the ball, breaking away, receiving
  •      Work on physical conditioning, with an emphasis on speed and strength training
  •      Practice many, many different techniques
  •      Absorb the rules of the game
  •      Play raw soccer in the mini-scrimmage format

Learn how to handling the soccer the ball with confidence



Learn the safe way to head a soccer ball

Learn how to trap the soccer the ball.

Learn where to aim, how much power,  and to shoot a soccer ball
Shielding 150x150



Learn how to shield the soccer the ball and protect it.

Physical Endurance

Learn how to play the whole game and not be tired.


Gameplay -150x150

Game Play

Learn the game and how to play



Learn how to be confident and have fun!


6 thoughts on “Youth Soccer Clinics and Camps

  1. Hello. My name is Tatijana and I am 15. I love soccer but have never played. Since I am so new to the game can I still come to this camp or is this camp only for people familiar with the game?

  2. Please send me info on the soccer camps for my 14 year old sister. Also let me know if there is currently any weekend training or one on one private sessions. Thanks

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