Practice Makes Perfect Summer Soccer Camp 2016

2016 Schedule for Seattle Youth Soccer Camps and Clinics

We are now open for registration for 2016 soccer camps and clinics, payment due by June 30th.

Three hour camp for 5 days a week $525 for three (3) weeks or $200 for one (1) week
9:00 am — 12:00 pm

August 1st-5th, August 15th-19th, August 29-September 2nd

One week camps are available   ($200) – Call today to schedule.

Our camps are three hours (3 hours) a day for all ages for 10 weeks. Come everyday or when you are able. We will put children together by age groups and ability.

Week One: Basic Training ie knowing the ball

Week Two: Movements ie strength, agility, speed, includes cones, ladder hurdles, steps.

Week Three: Passing & Receiving

Week Four: Movements with the ball involving passing and receiving

Week five : Building your skills, finding your style, may also includes: chesting, headers, jogging and bicycle kick, banana kick(inside and outside foot kick)

Week Six: Using skills in one vs one situations

Week Seven: Putting it All together

Week Eight : Putting it All together

Week Nine : Preparation ie Team play (Scrimmages small sided games)

Week Ten: Team play ie Real games similar to outdoor and indoor.

Thanks to Priestwick’s years of experience he can make sure all of the children are getting the teaching and training they need. A lot of children have come out of our camp with renewed confidence. Confidence in their ability to play soccer which will translate into better playing on their soccer team. A lot of teams and camps say they work on fundamentals but it is often hard to see results from those teams. We show results. Your kid will play better. They will not play better by being told that they can do it. We will SHOW them how to do it.

If you want to get started early then call us. Year around soccer training is available for those who want some extra training. Call today to discuss training for a team or individuals. (206) 499-4019

Summer Soccer Camps meet on the playing fields at Eckstein Middle School, 3003 NE 75th St, Seattle, WA 98115. MAP.

Mail in and pay by check, registration here at this link. 2016 Summer Soccer Camp Registration Form

Three hour camp for 5 days a week ($525 for 3 weeks)
9:00 am — 12:00 pm

August 1 – August 28

Please call for the specific afternoon sessions (206) 499-4019.
For special training, either for teams or one-on-one, call (206) 499-4019 to arrange time, place, and fee.